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What is
Conscious Parenting

Conscious parenting is a conscious effort to become aware of the environment you create for your children and adjust it accordingly for their prosperity. Parents are more conscious of their words and actions around their children and strive to provoke healthy emotional reactions from them.

More importantly, conscious parenting helps to nurture your children's development with guidance and structure so that when they mature into adults, they are equipped with basic values, life skills, and the judgement necessary for self-responsibility.

Benefits of
Conscious Parenting

Fewer tantrums

When children feel heard and understood, they are less likely to have tantrums. When you take the time to listen to your child and help them express their feelings, they will feel calmer and more in control.

Greater cooperation

Conscious parenting also leads to greater cooperation from children. When you are attuned to their needs and feelings, they will be more likely to trust you and be willing to follow your lead.

Greater empathy

Children can develop a greater capacity for empathy. They learn to understand and respect the feelings of others, which leads to more harmonious relationships.

More self-confidence

Children who know that their parents are there for them and that they can rely on them for support tend to have more self-confidence. This sense of security leads to a stronger sense of self-worth.

Better behavior in school

Children tend to exhibit better behavior in school, be more cooperative and less disruptive, which makes the learning environment more conducive for everyone involved.

Stronger emotional bond

When you are attuned to your child’s needs and feelings, they will feel more secure and loved. This emotional bond is essential for a child’s development and can lead to a lasting relationship between parent and child.

10 Ways Parenting Coaches help Parents thrive

Conscious parenting coaches can help you to...

Number "1"

Become more aware of their own parenting style and how it may be impacting their children

Number "2"

Become more mindful of your parenting choices

Number "3"

Develop a more positive and supportive relationship with their children


Understand your child's needs and how to best meet them


Develop a parenting style that is respectful and nurturing


Create a supportive and loving home environment


Navigate the challenges of parenthood with confidence


Become more effective communicators with their children


Develop more realistic expectations for their children


Learn how to better discipline their children in a way that is supportive and constructive


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Things Parents often ask aboutt

Can I try a coach before committing?

Yes, many coaches offer a complimentary (free of charge) first consultation. Typically, this consultation is used for the coach to learn more about the parent and their needs, and for the parent to find out more about the coach and the services offered.

You can determine if a coach offers a complementary session by looking for a green checkmark that indicates "first consultation complementary" on the coach's listing.

How much does parent coaching cost?

Coaching fees can vary widely, typically ranging from $50 to $300 per hour. Factors that can influence fees include the coach's experience and education level, credentials, location, cost of living, demand for the coach, and other relevant factors.

At Golden Parent, we believe in transparency when it comes to fees, and we ask all of our coaches to show a baseline fee for a coaching session. It's important to note that coaching session lengths can vary among coaches, so when comparing prices, consider the session lengths of the coaches you're comparing. For example, one coach may charge $175 for a 90-minute session, while another coach may charge $100 for a 45-minute session.

Many coaches offer a first consultation complementary. Parents may use this consultation to evaluate the potential value a coach could provide.

Do the coaches work for Golden Parent?

No, Golden Parent is a directory of parent coaches who work independently and are not employed by Golden Parent. When you request coaching from a coach, you initiate communication and make further arrangements with the coach independently of Golden Parent.

What is the difference between coaching or therapy?

Parent coaching is focused on helping parents improve their parenting skills and develop strategies for addressing specific issues with their children, such as behavior problems, communication difficulties, or family conflicts. Coaching in this context involves working with parents to set and achieve specific goals that will improve their family dynamics and relationships.

Therapy, on the other hand, is typically focused on addressing mental health concerns or emotional issues that may be impacting the parent-child relationship. Therapy may involve exploring past experiences, processing difficult emotions, and developing coping skills to manage stress or anxiety.

Therapy is better suited for addressing issues that stem from past experiences, while coaching is more focused on providing support and guidance to help individuals move forward and achieve their goals from their current position.

While there may be some overlap between these two practices, it is important to understand that they serve different purposes and are conducted by professionals with different training and expertise. A parent coach is focused on providing guidance and support to help parents achieve their goals and improve their parenting skills, while a therapist is focused on addressing mental health concerns.